1. An approximate amount of treatments shall be scheduled to achieve the desired results during the first visiting.

2. SILK MEDSPA does not accept responsibility if you (the Patient) does not comply with the amount of treatments discussed and recommended at the time of the initial first visit. This applies to all Silk MedSpa services.

2. You will be advised as to the time required between each treatment session, it is important that the advised times required between each treatment be followed, as missing or rescheduling treatments will prolong your final results.

"Please try and attend all your pre booked appointments as we want to achieve the best possible results, and we can only do this by working together.


1. An initial consultation are free of charge to all new patients.


1. All following appointments will be pre booked at the end of a treatment session.

1. The pre booking system guarantees the availability of the time and day for your next treatment.

If you cannot pre book directly after your appointment due to work commitments, rosters, etc, notify Silk Medspa ASAP as to when you can attend your next appointment, as we cannot guarantee appointment availability if bookings are not made well in advance.

2. Silk Medspa requires 48 hours notice to reschedule or cancel an appointment via email or telephone only, or a $50 fee will be applied to your next appointment.


1. All new patients must pay the amount owed in full for all package deals.

2. All new patients and existing clients after purchasing will not be eligible for a refund after paying full amount. Unless patient gives Silk Medspa a 48 hours notice after the first treatment due to small side effects that client received during treatment and for this reason the machine isn’t suitable for the patient.

3. Silk Medspa charges a $50 shaving fee for anyone who needs it during their session.As a patient of SILK MEDSPA I have read the information and have answered the above questions to the best of my ability and the information provided is current. I authorize SILK MEDSPA to collect my personal and medical information as documented above in order to contact me, and give permission to leave messages regarding appointments at any of the contact numbers I have provided above. I understand that I am responsible for the full payment of each treatment I receive. I will give 48 hours notice to cancel an appointment, or I may be held responsible for a fee of the missed appointment.